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Wes Medford

As Chairman/President of Lorica Equity Partners, LLC, Wes has more than 25 years of operational and strategic experience in international business finance, fund set up and management, as well as property finance, and has led a successful boutique management consulting firm specializing in corporate turn around and restructuring.

He has founded or co-founded a number of highly successful finance facilitation/brokerage firms as well as one of the leading finance brokerage houses in the Asia Pacific region.  Wes has extensive experience in the facilitation of investment, and has been a past director and major shareholder of Private Equity firms in several regions. 

Wes has particular expertise in the establishment and management of funds as well as banking institutions.  He has consulted to more than thirty five funds as well as helped to establish or provide advice to groups setting up community or sovereign banks.  He has developed proprietary process and procedural manuals for the set-up of financial institutions that enable effective management of these entities.  He maintains relationships with some of the largest and most effective lenders and private equity investment groups in the world.  

Additionally, Wes maintains a highly effective global network of deal brokers providing access to quality deal flow.  

作為Lorica Equity Partners有限責任公司董事長及總裁,Wes在國際商業金融、基金設立和管理以及房地產金融方面具備25餘年的運營及戰略經驗。此外,他還成功領導著一家專業管理諮詢公司,專門為經濟效益不好的公司提供經濟扭轉及重組服務。


Wes曾在世界各大主流文化區參與工作。目前,其正與澳大利亞科克群島上的原著民及北美原住民打交道。Wes當前的工作是幫助納瓦霍族保留地建立Dine Bank(納瓦霍語)。2012年8會,他作為主講人出席了納瓦霍族建築峰會。在即將到來的2014年納瓦霍族經濟發展大會上,他再次受邀成為主講嘉賓。此外,Wes擁有高效而豐富的全球交易經紀人資源,能隨時為客戶提供高品質的交易方案。

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