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Fund Profile

Spectrolite Media Fund:

Launch Date: Third Quarter 2015

Fund Registration: Cayman Islands

Advisory Company: Hong Kong

Executive Director: Wes Medford

                              Don Ross

                              Slenda Chan


Investment Profile

Motion Picture

Provide funding in the form of debt or equity to finance motion pictures, including ‘art-house’ projects, feature movies and boutique films

Provide funding in the form of debt or equity to develop software games for PC, online and device specific applications

Studio Development
Provide limited funding for studio development, construction or expansion

Music Events
Finance live music events for ‘A’ level talent

Sales and Distribution
Finance or invest in distribution channels within the entertainment industry

Program Productions

Finance or invest in the production, licensing and distribution of reality shows, documentaries and television programs

Movies - TV Programs - Concerts - Games - Theaters - Studios


The Spectrolite Media Fund has been created to make calculated investments in motion pictures and other entertainment opportunities, including feature and independent films, music events, media software development and online gaming, film and television production funding and distribution finance.  With an international management team and partners in Hollywood, Europe, Asia and China, investments will be of a global nature.

Our Diversify Entertainment Portfolio