5 May 2018

Spectrolite plans to work with ..

The preference of the fund is to participate in opportunities where a sufficient interest in the project can be secured which provides a level of influence over the commercial aspects of the project without necessarily impacting on the artist conduct.  The Fund will largely focus on opportunities within the motion picture and live music events sectors and will be global in nature. Our expertise is particularly in financing and facilitating  international events, productions and distributions. 

Our Portfolio

Spectrolite Media Management is comprised of professionals with strong experience in private equity investing and in the entertainment industry. The investment team has the unique ability to create proprietary deal flow and has developed a strong process of evaluating, structuring, and executing potential investments. Additionally, the management team has particular expertise in value-adding opportunities through product placement capacities.

Our Team

23 June 2018

Spectrolite Media plan to launch its first Entertainment Fund in

The manager of the Spectrolite Media Fund has installed a rigorous and thorough Fund management process that will greatly assist in fulfilling the Fund mandate while also ensuring proper compliance throughout the life of the Fund.

Investment decisions are based on highly detailed, in-depth research and close scrutiny of opportunities. We use the expertise of Spectrolite Media Management and associated parties, as well as the services of other professional advisors to identify and evaluate investments. The investment selection process is thorough, rigorous and objective.

Our Focus

Spectrolite Media's strategic management team has well over 100 years of collective experience providing extensive financial expertise and in specific investment management within the motion picture, music and entertainment industries.

The Fund will have a focus on investments in quality film projects. The Fund Manager has assembled a team of partners and advisor across the breadth of industry requirements and a broad geographic spread.  There is already an impressive list of movies, both from the US and from China, in the portfolio and open channels to provide access to an almost limitless array of potential content.  This will allow the fund to select the very best of the best to support. ‚Äč

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A World of Experience

The Fund is a diversified managed investment fund, investing primarily in entertainment industries including: motion pictures, animated films, music events, computer games and other associated projects. The Fund will focus on quality projects with opportunities for solid and sustained growth. This includes newly established projects, projects seeking expansion capital, selected short term finance opportunities, and/or companies with fixed growth. 

15 May 2018

Spectrolite issued an LOI for the upcoming film ..

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  • Music Concerts & Events
  • Video and Online Games
  • Documentaries and Reality TV
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25 March 2018

Spectrolite Media plans joint production with ..